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What is it with zombies?!

Have you ever watched a zombie movie and you want to stop watching but you keep on watching? I’ve been wondering, what is the draw to these things? They are gross but then there is something so appealing about them! I am trying to figure out what it is about these movies that keeps people coming back for more. They even have large cultural events where people make themselves up like zombies and have what they call zombie walks where they parade around, hang out and act weird like, well, zombies!

With all the consistent hype out there about zombies I thought it’d be good to see if we could find one that could resist eating our brains long enough to answer some questions so maybe we could get the inside scoop about all things zombie related.

I asked my friend Jack who has been involved in the world of zombies for some help with this, this is take on it and he’s Interested/Fascinated with the whole zombie phase. The following is his take on it all:

I’m not sure where to start with this.  Zombies are just cool. They don’t care about anything but eating. I guess I have always had a spot in my heart for zombies.  Zombie movies are great, yeah you pretty much know that it’s an end of the world, quarantine city, government experiment kinda movie. There is always a badass zombie killing character there to make it all look like fun. Your always thinking man if was to happen I would be just like that, killing zombies and saving people left and right. Yeah right, you would be all boarded up in your house hoping some 20 zombies don’t smell your fresh flesh and break your door down.  Zombie movies have been around since the early 1900’s. Like White Zombie came out some time in the 30’s, and it just grow from there. Then there’s the whole thing about fast zombies and slow zombies. I don’t know where the two different kinds came from, but I guess it gives the movies a little more of a twist.  In George Romero’s original Night of the Living Dead, the zombies had a slow lingering move to them, as you would think a dead body would be if it could just get up and walk. It was later the fast zombies came, 28 days later, Resident Evil and ZombieLand, all the zombies are like super strong, fast-moving killing machines.  I guess all I can say about zombie movies are they are always fun and exciting.

I have spent past years working at haunted house, at horror festivals and just having fun with the whole scary side of the acting/ make up part of it all. I have created characters for myself, from being a zombie and making to a full costume suit, to a character who wranglers up zombies for work. I have spent many of nights behind a mask or full make-up. Chasing people thru the parking lots of the haunt house, climbing into cars after teenagers when their parents unlock the doors, cause the kids have locked themselves in the car, just to try to get away from use.  Being a zombie is just fun. You can linger around, lunge out at people a scare them or just hover around them and make them very uncomfortable.

Being a Zombie Wrangler is a fun part to play also. The Zombie Wrangler character is based on a HellBilly Redneck who just doesn’t care. We are rude, crude and there to just make you laugh and be very creepy. It’s kind of something you just have experience to understand. We have been asked to attend the Dallas zombie walk to help control the zombies as they linger the streets. You can find us on

I have also been a part of doing make up in the haunted house, to be asked to do the red carpet movie premiere for Zombie Land in Austin. Where we drove the Zombie Manor patty wagon do and set up shop on main street in front of the Paramount Theatre. We did the make up for the 1st 100 people to show up to the premiere. Then we worked the red carpet as the stars showed up.

I could go on forever with weird wacky stories of my adventures in the haunted world of make-up and acting.

In the next part, my friend Jack has gotten a quick interview with one of these zombie wranglers… He’ll tell us what he does and why he does it etc. I hope you are looking forward to it!


2 responses

  1. getchores

    I look forward to sharing… brains with you.

    March 3, 2012 at 1:04 am

  2. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why zombies are so appealing, they are as you said, just cool, they don’t care about anything. Huh? sounds like me really.

    March 3, 2012 at 1:48 pm

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